About Get It Right

Get it Right on Bin Night is a campaign that aims to increase household recycling rates across Victoria.

The program has been funded by the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) with support from Sustainability Victoria, Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group, Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Groups and local councils.

Each year, metropolitan councils send over 750,000 tonnes of materials to landfill through kerbside garbage collections. Waste audits of household garbage bins have found that recyclable packaging, paper and cardboard comprised up to 20%, or approximately 150,000 tonnes of total weight sent to landfill every year.

Comprehensive social research into the recycling behaviours of Melburnians identified that whilst the majority are enthusiastic recyclers, a range of knowledge, attitudinal, behavioural and situational barriers impact how much a household recycles.

Based on these findings, this program has been developed to improve kerbside recycling rates by increasing the amount of recycling we do in the home, reducing the amount of garbage disposed of in the recycling bin, increasing householder commitment to recycling and improving confidence in the recycling system.